Arab Spring… Egypt’s New Prime Minister Claims More Power Than Mubarak

The new prime minister of Egypt just claimed the military has given him greater powers than his predecessor Hosni Mubarak.
Kamal el-Ganzouri was appointed by the military council yesterday.

USA Today reported:

Egypt’s new prime minister said the military has given him greater powers than his predecessor.

Kamal el-Ganzouri said Friday that military ruler Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi has no intention of staying in power and he would not have accepted the job if that was the case.

In a televised new conference, the 78-year-old prime minister looked uncomfortable, grasping for words and repeatedly pausing.

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Instapundit added this on the regional chaos:

ARAB SPRING NOT LOOKING SO SPRINGY: Leaked UN report reveals torture, lynchings and abuse in post-Gaddafi Libya. “Thousands of people, including women and children, are being illegally detained by rebel militias in Libya, according to a report by the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Many of the prisoners are suffering torture and systematic mistreatment while being held in private jails outside the control of the country’s new government.”

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UPDATE: Another female journalist sexually assaulted in Egypt.

Wait a minute… Obama had a Plan B? Who knew?

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