Iranian Regime Cheers #Occupy Goons After They Interrupt Michele Bachmann’s Foreign Policy Speech (Video)

Occupy Wall Street protesters occupied the USS Yorktown and disrupted a foreign policy speech by Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann on Thursday.
They’re not just against the bankers.

From the video: Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann was speaking aboard the USS Yorktown in South Carolina yesterday. While delivering a foreign policy address, her speech was co-opted by Occupy Wall Street protestors.

The Iranian regime cheered the protesters.
Fars News reported:

Bachmann was about five minutes into the speech aboard the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown in Charleston Harbor when about 30 protesters rose from the audience of about 100 people and began shouting “Mike Check!” They then chanted a variety of complaints as police escorted the Minnesota congresswoman from the podium. She later said she never felt threatened by the mostly college-age protesters.

“You cater to the 1 percent!” they shouted. “You oppose paying hardworking Americans a living wage and refuse to promote realistic solutions to economic problems.” After several minutes, the group walked together off the aircraft carrier shouting, “We are the 99 percent!”

Bachmann has been the target of protesters during past campaign appearances around the country, but she said Thursday’s incident was the loudest of all.

Bachman was campaigning in South Carolina ahead of the state’s first-in-the-South primary on Jan. 21. In the speech, she said that if elected she would make Iraq pay back what the US spent fighting the war there.

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