Iranian Leader Khamenei: US Accusations Against Iran Meant to Overshadow Anti-Capitalist Occupy Wall Street Protests

Regime hardliners were excited to hear Khamenei’s message today. (ISNA)

Ayatollah Seyed Khamenei told supporters today that the recent US accusations against Iran are meant to overshadow the growing anti-capitalist #OWS demonstrations.
Fars News reported:

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei stressed that the US has leveled the recent accusations against Iran in a bid to overshadow the Occupy Wall Street protests against capitalism.

“The US administration attempted to accuse the Islamic Republic of Iran of a nonsense, illogical and wrong terrorist move while it (the US) was in the midst of its growing problems and in the climax of massive popular Wall Street Movement,” Ayatollah Khamenei said on Wednesday, addressing a large number of Iranian students in Tehran.

He underlined that any logical person and skilled expert in the field of security has rejected “hilarious” accusation that Iran had plotted to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington.

Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated that Washington, by leveling such accusations against Tehran, seeks to overshadow the Wall Street uprising which has now spread to almost all states in the US.

His remarks came as People across the globe have begun showing support for the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City in a bid to display that they are exhausted with the repercussions of the capitalist system.

Anti-capitalist protesters rally globally almost on a daily basis, denouncing bankers and politicians over the international economic crisis.

In New York, where the movement began when protesters set up a makeshift camp in Lower Manhattan on Sept. 17, police have arrested hundreds of people during demonstrations against corporate greed. Yet, organizers said the protest will grow to other cities and will continue to the end of the capitalist system.

Back in the real world — Obama supports the #OWS protests. So Seyed’s claims don’t make much sense. In fact both Iran and Obama support to #OWS movement. Weird, huh?

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