Iranian Hardliner Students Donate Blankets to #OWS Squatters

A group of female Iranian students attend a gathering to show their support of US Wall Street protestors, in front of the Swiss Embassy in Tehran, which handles US interests in Iran, Saturday, Oct. 22, 2011. (AP)

Iranian students held a protest in support of the anti-capitalist Occupy Wall Street protesters. The Iranians collected blankets to donate to the #OWS squatters.
Fars News reported:

A large number of Iranian university students congregated in front of the Swiss embassy in Tehran – which hosts the US interests section in Iran – last night to show support for anti-capitalism protests in the West, specially the US.

The students congregated in front of the embassy complex at 9:00pm on Monday night and lit candles in a show of support for the anti-capitalism rallies and to protest at the suppression of demonstrators by the police and security forces in the US and Europe.

The students also condemned the US police for taking heaters away from the Wall Street protesters under the pretext of precautionary measures, and stockpiled their blankets in front of the embassy complex to gift them to the American protestors.

Iranian officials and people have on various occasions voiced their strong support for both the popular uprisings in the Middle-East and anti-capitalism protests in Europe and the US.

Iranian students have thus far staged several protest rallies in support of the anti-capitalism uprising in the West. In a last case, the Iranian students gathered in front of the Swiss Embassy on October 22 to condemn the brutal clampdown on peaceful demonstrations by the US police.

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