Herman Cain Releases “9-9-9 the Movie” (Video)

Herman Cain tries to get back on track today. The Cain Campaign released 9-9-9 the movie today.

From the video:

The Federal tax code is an overgrown monster. A dorky, mechanical monster held together with a bunch of tattered red tape and driven around by squirrely bureaucrats. The scary part is that we’ve been slaves to something this ridiculous as long as we have.

What would happen if we ‘scrapped’ all 82,000 pages of the current tax code, and started over? For far too long, we’ve been the hapless victims of a monstrously dysfunctional tax code. Find out how Herman Cain’s “9-9-9 Plan” can slay the Tax Monster!

Herman Cain told FOX and Friends this morning to discuss the release of “9-9-9 The Movie.”

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