Gross. St. Louis Post-Dispatch Defends Deadly Knock-Out Game as a Spirit of the Times

A new low for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch?

In April an elderly man was attacked by a mob of black youths playing “the knock out game” while walking home from the grocery store with his wife. They killed him.

In June a group of black youths beat a gay man bloody playing “the knock out game.”


In August black teen mobs targeted St. Louis cyclists in the knock out game.

In September, a 73-year-old man was knocked unconscious just outside of Tower Grove Park.

In October St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay was the first person on the scene on after a local man was beat unconscious by a mob of teens. The youths were “playing” the “knock out” game. The victim’s jaw was shattered and needed to be wired shut. There were several broken bones on his face.

Today the St. Louis Post-Dispatch defended the violent practice by black youths saying it is “just a spirit of the times.”
The Post-Dispatch reported:

It’s hard to judge how bad a problem the so-called “knockout game” really is. But because it has resulted in the death of 72-year-old man, left at least a half a dozen other people injured and reinforced fears about the safety of city neighborhoods, it’s bad enough.

Roving bands of teenagers slugging people just for the hell of it? That takes us into “A Clockwork Orange” territory.

Then you’ve got the city’s mayor and his police bodyguard happening upon one victim lying on a sidewalk outside a public library branch and the mayor suggesting that 13- and 14-year-old kids arrested for the crime be charged as adults.

You’ve got a police captain talking about a “trend of sub-human behavior [that] defies predictive analysis because the attacks happen in different places, on different days and at different times.”

In the last 15 months, police said, seven such attacks have taken place in neighborhoods around Tower Grove Park and South Grand…

…Reporter Denise Hollinshed of the Post-Dispatch talked to some kids outside of Roosevelt High School, one of whom acknowledged that he’d taken part in the “knockout king” game.

“Knockout king is a thrill,” the kid told her. “It makes you want to keep doing it every day.”

Sure, the kid said, he knew he could hurt somebody. But he added, “You don’t know them, so why care about hurting them?”

That’s a chilling statement. It reflects an almost sociopathic lack of empathy.

On the other hand, the more you think about it, it perfectly captures today’s zeitgeist, the spirit of the times.

Why not foreclose on homes without giving the homeowners a chance to work out their mortgages? Why not let 50 million people go without health insurance? Why not tilt the table so all the money runs down to one end? You don’t know them, so why care about hurting them?

It’s not like you punched them in the head.

Did you catch that? If you oppose Obamacare (71% of Missouri voters oppose Obamacare) than you’re no better than a violent street thug.

The Post-Dispatch needs to follow-up with an apology after excusing this street violence. What a horrible editorial.
Hat Tip Ben

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