GREAT AD! Rick Perry: “Obama’s Socialist Policies Are Bankrupting America” (Video)

WOW!… Great ad, Rick!
Rick Perry slams Obama for calling Americans lazy; says it’s time to clean house.
“Obama’s socialist policies are bankrupting America.”

The Obamedia will not like this one bit.

CBS already released a rebuttal.

Rick Perry’s presidential campaign is out with a new ad, “Lazy,” attacking President Obama for his comment that Americans have “been a little bit lazy I think over the last couple of decades.”

After video of the president making that comment is shown in the ad, Perry, standing outside in a casual shirt, addresses the camera. “Can you believe that?” he says. “That’s what our President thinks wrong with America? [sic] That Americans are lazy? That’s pathetic.” (Perry appears to have omitted an “is” from his comments.)

Perry goes on to say “it’s time to clean house in Washington,” an argument that squares with his recent call to overhaul all three branches of government, a proposal that includes making being a member of Congress a part-time job.

“It’s time for a Balanced Budget Amendment that forces Washington to stop overspending,” Perry goes on to say. “If Congress balks, cut their pay and send them home.”

He then complains that “Obama’s socialist policies are bankrupting America,” adding: “We must stop him now.”

The Perry campaign says the 30-second spot is airing on national cable and on broadcast television in Iowa; CBS News saw it on Fox News Wednesday afternoon.

The ad marks the latest foray in the Perry campaign’s effort to reboot the Texas governor’s candidacy after a string of poor debate performances – capped off by the now-infamous “oops” moment – that have helped drive down his standing in the polls.

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