Finally… There Is an Occupy Group We Can All Support (Photo)

Today Syrian opposition activists reported that at least 24 people were killed by the Assad regime. Voice of America reported that 15 people were killed in a crackdown on dissent across Syria. More than 3,500 protesters have been killed this year by the regime.

But , unlike the Islamic movements in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and Libya, the Iranian regime does not support the freedom fighters in Syria. They call the protest leaders US or Israeli spies. Only the brave Iranian activists support the protesters in Syria.

As far as American involvement goes, the Obama Administration vocally support the many Islamic uprisings in the region. Obama sent jets and bombs into Libya. But, so far, the administration’s response to the Syrian crisis has been confused at best. In March, Hillary Clinton announced that there would be no intervention because Assad was a reformer. The next day Assad fired on protesters in the street. Yesterday, Hillary Clinton voiced concern that the country would slide into civil war. Today the Assad regime slaughtered another two dozen protesters in the streets.


On Saturday the “occupy” protesters in Kafr Nabil, Syria sent a plea to the free world.
“Do not let the Al-Assad regime terminate us.”

Demonstrators against Syria’s President Bashar Assad display a banner during a march after Friday prayers in Kafr Nabil near the northwestern city of Idlib. (Reuters / November 20, 2011)

More… And, of course we support our Occupy Bagram protesters, too.

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