Figures. Dozens of Hypodermic Needles Discovered As Officials Need Several Trucks to Remove Waste From #OWS Squatters Camp (Video)

Police need several trucks to remove waste from Occupy Wall Street squatters camp.

Dozens of hypodermic needles were found at the Obama-endorsed tramp camp. (CBS Local)

The city workers who were forced to clean up after the leftists were removed found dozens of needles in the filth.
CBS Local reported:

What was going on in Zuccotti Park?

Some of the activity that went down there was well documented. There were allegations of sexual assault. There were the growing health concerns. And CBS 2 cameras caught topless women dancing there.

But what else may have been cooking?

CBS 2 has learned about some of the items that were removed from the park during yesterday’s raid.

Among the items found during the scouring of the park: At least two dozen hypodermic needles.

Numerous tents, books and other possessions were also recovered by sanitation workers and police officers during the raid.

Julie Wood with the Mayor’s Press Office said several truck loads of items had been removed from the park.

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