Figures… #OWS Hero Michael Moore Took Government Subsidies to Make ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’

Occupy Wall Street hero Michael Moore is thought to be worth around $50,000,000. But, he doesn’t like talking about it with punk reporters. This week he abused a reporter at Occupy Denver who questioned him about personal fortune.

Then there’s this…
Michael Moore took government money to make his anti-American propaganda film “Capitalism: A Love Story.”
The Detroit News reported:

The Occupy Wall Street movement protesting fat cats who get special breaks from government has embraced as their spokesman a fat cat who gets special breaks from government.

Flint’s Michael Moore was welcomed at Occupy Oakland last week as a hero.

This is the same One Percenter – his conspicuous wealth includes a sprawling mansion on Torch Lake and a swanky pad at 200 Park Avenue in New York – who received a $1 million Michigan government handout to make his anti-One Percenter movie, “Capitalism: A Love Story.”

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