Figures… #Occupy Buffalo Soldier Who Said He Served 3 Tours in Iraq & Afghanistan Left Service in 2001

#Occupy Phony– #Occupy FAIL–

#Occupy protester Christopher M. Simmance told several media outlets that he served as many as three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan but records show he got out of the service in 2001. (The Buffalo News)

The Buffalo News reported:

The claims of a dedicated member of the Occupy Buffalo movement that he saw combat in Iraq and Afghanistan are not supported by Army records.

Christopher M. Simmance has told several media outlets, including The Buffalo News, that he served as many as three tours of duty in those war zones and that he was severely injured in Afghanistan.

Service records obtained from the Army, however, show he was stationed at Fort Lewis, Wash., for three years and he left the active-duty Army in January 2001 — before the 9/11 terror attacks.

Simmance insists his Army records are incomplete. He told The News he stands by his claims of seeing combat.

“Everything I’ve told you is completely true; I’ve got nothing to hide,” Simmance said in one of three interviews.

People close to Simmance told The News they initially believed his claims of wartime deployments but they grew disenchanted when they discovered he was exaggerating his military service.

“I cannot confirm any of what he said,” Denise Simmance, his mother, told The News.

Simmance even tried to scam the VA back in 2008.

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