Cain Campaign Manager Threatens Suit Against Politico (Video)

“We’re not going to swim in that cesspool anymore.”

Herman Cain campaign manger Mark Block told FOX News today that the campaign is threatening to sue Politico. Block also told FOX that he will not be discussing this story any more after today, “We’re not going to swim in that cesspool anymore.”
The Daily Caller reported:

In what he referred to as his final media appearance discussing allegations of sexual harassment against GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain, campaign manager Mark Block told “America’s Newsroom” host Martha McCallum on the Fox News Channel that the reporters at Politico who first reported on those allegations should lose their jobs for violating journalistic ethics.

Block also said during the interview Friday morning that the Cain campaign is considering its legal options and may sue the news outlet over the as-yet unsubstantiated allegations.

“This is the last time that I’ll be addressing the issue that has swirled [around] Washington and the nation this week … We’re not going to play by the rules that the media has established,” Block said. “The fact of the matter — the Politico article — if it was held up to the same standards of the code of ethics for journalism, the people involved with that would be fired.”

“The media, this week, has been a cesspool,” Block explained. “And we’re not going to swim in that cesspool anymore.”

Here’s the video:

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