Bail Set at $1 Million for Occupy Portland World Trade Center Firebomber (Video)

Bail was set at $1 million for the Occupy Portland protester who firebombed the Portland World Trade Center Building.

KGW reported:

Bail for a man inside the Occupy Portland camp Wednesday on accusations related to a Tuesday Molotov cocktail fire was raised to $1 million by a judge Thursday.

David Hodson, 29, was arraigned on first-degree arson, manufacturing a destructive device, possession of an explosive device and second-degree criminal mischief charges.

The accusations also include vandalism to the Smart Park garage at 123 SW Jefferson, according to Portland Fire Bureau spokesman Paul Corah.

Hodson was also arrested Sunday on a reckless burning charge for trash fires that were started near the Occupy Portland encampments at Lownsdale and Chapman Square parks, according to Fire Bureau, Corah said.

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