Anita Perry Says Obama Is a Socialist, Too

Here is an intimate look at Anita Perry from her interview with KXAN from earlier this week.

Rick Perry’s wife Anita believes Obama is a socialist, too. The former nurse and daughter of a physician points to Obama’s nationalized health care plan as evidence.
FOX News reported:

The first lady of Texas agrees with her husband Rick Perry, President Obama’s health care policies are socialist. Yes, Anita Perry went there too. “It is socialized medicine. People can call it what they want– nationalized health care, that is what it is in my opinion,” Mrs. Perry told Fox News.

In fact, Mrs. Perry says her strong feelings about health care reform are why she wanted her husband to run for president. “I don’t like socialized medicine and that’s the path we’re going. We have the greatest health care system, why would we want to change it,” Perry says.

Mrs. Perry’s background qualifies her to talk about health care. She was a practicing nurse in Texas for 17 years, working in surgery, pediatrics, intensive care, administration and teaching. She has advocated for health care issues as the governor’s wife, and has continued talking about it on the trail, making stops at hospitals and nursing schools.

When pressed on why she feels Obama’s health care policies are socialist, she points to her father, a “bed side” physician who told her, “‘the moment we take a dollar from the federal government they will tell us how to start practicing medicine.'” Perry went on to say she agrees with him that “every American should have the choice they want. To have that physician they want.”

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