Aggressive Liberal Media Cranks Force Herman Cain to Request Secret Service Detail

If you’re a conservative and you don’t understand that the liberal media is not your friend, you don’t need to be in politics. Herman Cain knows this – and after several incidents with overly-aggressive leftwing cranks his campaign asked for security detail this week.

Here’s just one example.

Funny, the conservative bloggers never treat Herman that way?

Aggressive liberal journalists have forced Herman Cain to request Secret Service detail.
The Atlantic reported:


Herman Cain, who’s security team manhandled multiple reporters recently, became the first GOP candidate to receive Secret Service protection in this election cycle–and Cain’s spokesman, J.D. Gordon said skirmishes with journalists prompted the decision, The Washington Post reported. “Cain spokesman J.D. Gordon said Thursday night that the campaign asked for the protection after The Washington Post posted an article online that morning detailing a series of physical skirmishes involving journalists at Cain rallies.”

From The Post‘s take, Gordon’s remark could mean “we needed protection from aggressive journalists” or “we needed protection for journalists because they were getting trampled,” which Slate’s David Weigel notes and clears up. He asked Gordon: “Was the campaign concerned about injured journalists; was that why the request was made?” Gordon said, “No. It wasn’t the reason.”

So, the decision was prompted by a Post article about skirmishes with journalists and Cain’s spokesman said that injuring journalists wasn’t the reason why the decision was made. It would seem then, that unless–as Weigel noted– there’s a “threat the campaign doesn’t want to talk about,” that it was concerned with reporters mobbing the candidate at events.

The liberal media won’t like this one bit. They love making stories up about mean conservatives taking away their freedom to trample and harass a conservative candidate.
Now they’ll be forced to report on the issues.

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