17 Year-Old School Girls Join Occupy Denver in Disrupting BlogCon11 (Video)

On Thursday Catholic school teacher Celia Bard from St. Mary’s Academy in Denver brought members of her “21st Century: Challenges and Choices” class down to the Occupy Denver tramp camp. Ms. Bard’s class then joined the radical protesters and marched several blocks over to the Crowne Plaza where they stormed the hotel to shut down the conservative BlogCon11 conference. Ms Bard said she was teaching the students about democracy when asked why she would bring high school girls to such a potentially violent event.

Now there is video of the 17 year-old girls joining in the chanting with the 99% commies and homeless people to protest BlogCon. You’ll notice the 17 year-old girls have absolutely no idea what they are talking about but believe it is completely reasonable to shut down a conservative blogger conference. Their teacher would be very proud.
Via Jeff Goldstein:

If these girls are from Ms. Bard’s class at St. Mary’s Academy, their parents are paying $14,000 a year so that they can learn how to wage war against the rich and stifle free speech. What a deal.


More on these student protesters here.

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