Ya Think?…Democrats Worry Former Community Organizer Has Lost His Sizzle

After three years of failed policies and disaster democrats are wary of Obama’s drag on the party.
Gee, ya think?
Reuters reported:

Four years ago, Senator Claire McCaskill was one of Barack Obama’s biggest boosters in his presidential campaign. But when he recently visited her state of Missouri, she did not have time to join him.

Many of McCaskill’s fellow Democrats in Congress may also decide they are too busy to be with Obama, whose approval rating of about 40 percent as the economy struggles threatens to be a drag on their own reelection chances next year.

“You may see a number of Democrats say ‘Sorry, I have a scheduling conflict,'” said a senior Democratic lawmaker.

Democrats face a big decision about whether to stand by their man in the November 2012 elections.

Many, particularly those in difficult campaigns like McCaskill, are tempted to keep their distance.

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