White House Insists Latest GOP-Bashing Taxpayer-Funded Campaign Bus Tour Is Not Political

Obama is taking his Canadian-made bus out on the road this week to promote his jobs plan that already failed in the senate.

President Barack Obama heads to his bus after speaking at Asheville Regional Airport in Fletcher, N.C., Monday, Oct. 17, 2011, to begin his three-day bus tour promoting the American Jobs Act. (AP/Susan Walsh)

The White House insisted today that the GOP-bashing taxpayer-funded campaign bus tour in two battleground states is not political.
No Sir-ee.
The Oval reported:

President Obama will kick off a three-day bus trip through small towns in politically competitive North Carolina and Virginia Monday, but White House officials insist the trip is about jobs, not votes.

So much so, in fact, that they convened a conference call Sunday to reiterate that point several times, pointing out that the trip is fully on the taxpayers’ dime, not the president’s re-election campaign’s.

‘The message to the American people and to Congress will be clear,” said principal deputy spokesman Josh Earnest. “Pass the bill this week to protect the job of a North Carolina teacher, or come down here, look her in the eye….”

Well, you get the idea. Obama’s message for the next three days will be to challenge Congress — particularly Republicans — to support key elements of his jobs plan or explain why they won’t.

The trip coincides with a new legislative strategy for Obama and congressional Democrats. Now that Senate Republicans have blocked the full $447 billlion plan from being considered, Democrats are breaking it apart.


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