Wall Street Commie Protesters – Push For Less Capitalism, More Government Control

The anti-capitalist clowns were out in force yesterday in New York City.

Occupy Wall Street campaign protesters camp in Zuccotti Park, near Wall Street in New York early September 28, 2011. Protesters complaining about the power of the financial industry staged noisy demonstrations and slowed pedestrian traffic on Wall Street for the second consecutive week. The Occupy Wall Street campaign started last week, with several hundred protesters setting up camps in downtown Manhattan. (REUTERS/Mike Segar)

The young anarchists and communists want more government and less capitalism.

Protesters march over the Brooklyn Bridge during an Occupy Wall Street protest in New York October 1, 2011. (REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi)

Yeah, let’s follow these clowns.

Protestors march up Wall Street towards the New York Stock Exchange in Manhattan, Monday, Sept. 26, 2011, in New York. The “Occupy Wall Street” protest is in its second week, as demonstrators speak out against corporate greed and social inequality. (AP/Louis Lanzano)

New York police arrested 700 of these idiots yesterday.

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