Unhinged and Dangerous… Leftist Threatens to Assassinate Republican Congressman Bobby Schilling

Rep. Bobby Schilling is a Republican Congressman from western Illinois.

A crazed and violent leftist has threatened to assassinate freshman Republican Congressman Bobby Schilling.
The threats are believed to have been made by Google user “FBInCIAnNSATerroristSlayer.”
The Hill reported:

The FBI and U.S. Capitol Police are investigating an online threat made against Rep. Bobby Schilling (R-Ill.) that offered a $75,000 reward for his assassination.

The FBI and Capitol Police also are investigating a similarly worded online threat against President Obama and his family and several other lawmakers.

Schilling learned of the threat against him in an email alert Tuesday night, according to his spokeswoman, Andrea Pivarunas. Sherriff’s deputies reportedly responded to the congressman’s district home and have passed the matter on to the FBI and Capitol Police.

“After receiving a very concerning email alert Tuesday evening, Rep. Schilling and his family are taking recommended precautions while the situation is investigated by relevant authorities,” wrote Pivarunas in an email to The Hill.

“He is grateful for the professionalism of local law enforcement in responding to this situation,” she added.

The email threat against Schilling states, “I will pay $75,000 for ASSASSINATING Illinois Congresswoman (sic) Bobby Schilling and any US Congressman, US Senator and FBI, CIA and NSA DIRECTORS and their FAMILY MEMBERS regardless of their age,” according to local news reports.

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