Stunner. Video Reveals NY Times Reporter Is Also an #OWS Activist

A recent video posted at a far left website revealed that New York Times reporter Natasha Lennard not only reported on the #OWS protests, she participated in and helped organize the radical movement.
Big Government reported, via Lucianne:

A newly-discovered video–filmed by Occupy Wall Street supporters themselves–reveals that New York Times reporter Natasha Lennard is not merely covering the protests, but is also apparently taking part in planning and executing them.

In the video, Lennard is seen participating as a featured speaker in a discussion among anarchists, communists, and other radicals as they examine the theory, strategy and tactics of the Occupy protests.

The discussion was held at the left-wing Bluestockings book store in New York on Friday, Oct. 14, and filmed and promoted by the radical magazine Jacobin. The audience included participants in, and apparent organizers of, the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in lower Manhattan.

Lennard, who has also written for Politico and Salon, is identified in the video by the panel’s moderator as a freelancer for the Times, and also as the Times reporter who was arrested along with seven hundred activists on the Brooklyn Bridge on Oct. 1.

When Lennard reported on her arrest at the time, she appears to have concealed her own apparent role in the Occupy protests, implying that her arrest was an abuse of press freedom. She used her affiliation with the Times to win her early release.

So not only is the mainstream media assisting the #OWS movement in secret email groups to craft their message, they are openly organizing the radical anti-capitalist movement at public meetings, too.
Here is Lennard in action:

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