Figures. Obama Embraces Jew-Hating, Commie-Supporting Radical “99%ers”

The Obama Administration tonight threw their support behind the Jew-hating, commie-supporting radical “99% ers”.
The Business Insider reported:

The White House continued its embrace of the Occupy Wall Street protests on Sunday, using the strongest terms yet to identify President Barack Obama with the growing movement.

In a call previewing Obama’s upcoming bus tour through North Carolina and Virginia, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Obama “will continue to acknowledge the frustration that he himself shares,” about Washington’s laggard response to the financial crisis.

Earnest added that while on the trip, Obama will make it clear that he is fighting to make certain that the “interests of 99 percent of Americans are well represented” — the first time the White House has used the term to differentiate the vast majority of Americans from the wealthy.

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