Rush Limbaugh on Occupy Wall Street Protests: “There’s No Doubt In My Mind the White House Is Behind This” (Video)

Rush Limbaugh
told his audience today that the White House is behind the Occupy Wall Street protests,

“We now find out George Soros money is behind this, and there’s no doubt in my mind that the White House is behind this.”

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From the Rush Limbaugh Show:

It’s still going on. This thing is going on now an hour and ten minutes long, and we had a room full of journalists in there supposedly in a news conference and not one random act of journalism occurred. I mean F. Chuck Todd said, “Mr. President, in past occasions you’ve urged people to call Congress, and you’ve melted the phone lines, and it isn’t happening anymore. Have you lost the ability to persuade people?”

Bill Plante said, (paraphrasing) “You’re out there waving the bill around and it almost sounds like it’s a campaign rather than actual negotiation, you’re doing a Harry Truman, do-nothing Congress. Is that what you’re doing, Mr. President?” Obama got really ticked off at that, said, (imitating) “I couldn’t run against a do-nothing Congress, right? If they just do something, they won’t do anything.” And I’ll tell you something else, he did get a question, Jackie Calmes at the New York Times asked him about this Occupy Wall Street bunch, and we’ve learned a lot more about that group, too, about which we will share with you as the program unfolds today. Jackie Calmes of the New York Times asked him, “Are you aware of this? Are you watching any of it?” And he expressed his solidarity, ’cause those are his foot soldiers.

This thing just didn’t bubble up out of nothing. We now find out George Soros money is behind this, and there’s no doubt in my mind that the White House is behind this. I wish I could tell you who, but a very prominent person asked me to never mention his name in this regard, but for months he has been telling me, “You watch, Rush, do not doubt me,” he said to me, “Obama is setting up riots. He is fanning the flames for riots and eventual violence. That’s all he’s got.” And now you look, all of this talk about millionaires and billionaires and people not paying their fair share and this relentless assault on achievement in this country has resulted in what? The appearance of a spontaneous combustion of angry white college students who are fed up with all the injustices that this country is famous for. That’s his base.

Occupy Wall Street is his base. Those are his foot soldiers. The anarchists, the union thugs who are occupying Wall Street, Obama is now going to run for reelection against Wall Street, and all of these schlubs in this protest march don’t understand that Wall Street and Obama are inseparable.

New York legislators are getting death threats now if they don’t tax the millionaires, and my very prescient friend wanted me to say this on the air, wanted me to warn people. “I’m not gonna say that. I’m not gonna predict the president of the United States wants riots,” but he was a very, very, very prominent individual; and we’re on the verge of it here.

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