Radical #Occupy Nashville Criminals Celebrate Breaking the Law

Yup… Just like the tea party.
Only on the left do they celebrate breaking the law with pride and glee.

Occupy Nashville protestors who were arrested overnight at Legislative Plaza in downtown Nashville, hold up their citations after they were released from jail Friday, Oct. 28, 2011 in Nashville. Twenty-nine Wall Street protesters in Nashville have been issued misdemeanor citations for criminal trespassing after being arrested by state troopers overnight. (AP /The Tennessean, John Partipilo)

A liberal judge released the protesters after he found no reason to hold them for breaking curfew.
The AP reported:

Tennessee state troopers for the second straight night arrested Wall Street protesters for defying a new nighttime curfew imposed by Republican Gov. Bill Haslam in an effort to disband an encampment near the state Capitol.

And for a second time, a Nashville night judge dismissed the protesters’ arrest warrants.

The Tennessean newspaper reported early Saturday morning (http://tnne.ws/vE2PXN) that Magistrate Tom Nelson told troopers delivering the protesters to jail that he could “find no authority anywhere for anyone to authorize a curfew anywhere on Legislative Plaza.”

Occupy Nashville protesters — including many of the 29 arrested in a pre-dawn raid on Friday — returned to the Legislative Plaza that evening and remained through the 10 p.m. curfew.

Because on the left, there are no rules that can’t be broken.

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