Radical Obama-Endorsed #OccupyDC Leftists Provoke Police – Hang Flag on Top of DC Statue (Video)

Not to be outdone by the other radical Obama-endorsed mobs around the country – Occupy DC took to the streets last night, scaled a building and hung their “Occupy DC” flag on a statue in McPherson Square.

Here is a firsthand account of the events last night (name withheld per request).

Early this morning, a little after midnight, the Occupy DC protesters hung an “Occupy DC” flag on the statue in McPherson Square. US Park Police, DC Police and DC Fire responded and the police moved the crowd of aggressive leftists and dirty hippies back so that the firefighters could put up a ladder and remove the flag.

The hippies shouted their usual obscenities, most of whom rushed to mask their faces with bandanas beforehand. There were no arrests despite about 30 police officers and firefighters being required to handle the task.

It would be nice if the top official in the Interior Solicitor’s Office would explain why the office continues to allow this nonsense to go on day after day on land belonging to everyone, not just the far left hippies? Since when did squatting on public land and in parks become legal in this country?

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