Police Worry Obama-Endorsed “Occupy St. Louis” Mob Will Disrupt World Series

St. Louis police are worried that the Obama-endorsed Occupy St. Louis mob will disrupt the World Series.
Shucks… And, they look like such nice folks.

CBS Local reported:

The Occupy Wall Street movement may make a move this week on the World Series.

Facebook chatter from the protestors suggests they are casting their eyes on Busch Stadium, coveting the national media spotlight surrounding the series.

Among the ideas floated among group members online: A massive rally, pitching tents around Busch Stadium or sending a streaker onto the field during the game “to send a message.”

St. Louis Police Major Lawrence O’Toole says police will uphold the protestors’ Consitutional rights of assembly and free speech, but he’s concerned about a “lone wolf” causing trouble.

“There are times that we know that there are certain elements that can get drawn into large protests and other people who have other agendas,” O’Toole said. “

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