Sadly, Pepper Spray Needed to Clear 32 Far Left Loons From Occupy Des Moines Rally (Video)

This is what democracy looks like…
Police needed to break open the pepper spray to clear the far left loons from their camp at the Iowa Capitol grounds last night.

Iowa Politics posted the video:

Reuters reported, via Free Republic:


Iowa police arrested 30 adults and took two juveniles into custody during a protest against economic inequality late on Sunday, subduing one man with pepper spray.

Police said the protesters were warned several times Sunday that the state Capitol grounds closed at 11 p.m. local time. Those who did not disperse were arrested shortly after the closing, state public safety department spokeswoman Jessica Lown said on Monday.

The Iowa protest was part of the anti-Wall Street “Occupy” demonstrations across the country over the last month.

The protesters object to what they see as an unacceptable income gap between rich and poor. They also have complained about the Wall Street bailout in 2008, which they say left banks to enjoy huge profits while average Americans suffered under high unemployment and job insecurity.

On Monday, Iowa’s Republican Governor Terry Branstad told reporters the Capitol grounds were not meant to be a place for an overnight camp and no permits were available for such a use.

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