OMG!… Must See — #OWS Poster Boy Suffers Meltdown at Liberty Plaza (Video)

Beautiful. The fleabaggers at Camp Poopstock suffered a complete meltdown and it was all caught on tape.
They must have run across some bad weed… Or, maybe they just found their new spokesman spokesperson?
(Warning on Language)

Someone better call mommy and daddy. These kids need a timeout.

The kid’s name is Edward T. Hall III. He is the poster boy for the movement. He’s a student at Columbia University.
It figures.

“Ted” attended Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, and Bard College and is the grandson of this famous anthropologist.
He also runs a company called that’s dedicated to “unifying humanity’s shared tools to make sure life on Earth flourishes.” Ted was part of an “agile” committee whose tasks range from organizing candlelight vigils in 45 minutes to “on-the-down-low” missions like spotting undercover cops. (“There are CIA and FBI all over the place.”) I asked him where occupiers were going to the bathroom and he told me they mainly went to the nearby Burger King and McDonald’s. People sometimes went to friends’ apartments to shower, but Ted has no need for fancy water and soap. Apparently he “can’t take that much time away,” so he has a “secret place” where he cleans himself, which he tells only a select “hardcore” few about. From his description, I guessed that he knew of a semi-hidden outdoor shower or a hose or maybe a sympathetic Starbuck’s manager who’s looking to “stick it to the man.”

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