Occupy St. Louis Loons Protest Bank of America – Bring Trash to Dump in Lobby

The commies were out protesting Bank of America today… All 40 of them.
They threatened to withdraw their life savings from the bank.
Oh no!

The Occupay St. Louis 99%ers held a protest today at Bank of America. They brought trash from foreclosed homes and tried to dump in the yard.
KSDK reported:

The protest against Bank of America happening now, and part of what’s happening is a trash delivery.

NewsChannel 5 is told the bags of trash are from a foreclosed home owned by Bank of America.

Protestors demand that the bank maintain these foreclosed properties better, or refuse to foreclose.

They say they want banks to take responsibility for what’s happening in neighborhoods, because they say hundreds of homes in St. Louis are empty due to bank foreclosures.

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