Occupy Oakland Goons Chuck Bottles at Police as Tent City Is Dismantled

Obama-endorsed Occupy Oakland anti-capitalists chucked bottles at police this morning as they were evicted from Frank Ogawa Plaza and Snow Park.

Police claim the protesters fired teargas at them.

Inside Bay Area reported:

5:30 AM: On a side street off Broadway between 14th and 15th streets, a police line is keeping about 20 or 30 people out of the plaza as the protesters chant: “rise up, rise up, come on people rise up.” Police said there were about 200 police from Oakland and other agencies involved in the raid. Police said a few protesters threw bottles at first, but then stopped.

A large group of police are mulling around the plaza. There are no more protesters in the plaza. All have been pushed out or left on their own. Three helicopters continue to circle above the scene. Clean up crews will be moving in soon and they have a lot off work ahead. The place is a complete mess with a couch is on its side and carpet and tents strewn everywhere.

6:15 AM: Dozens of police officers are moving into Snow Park near Lake Merritt. An officer is using a bullhorn to tell protesters to leave the small park. Police are ripping down the tents and protesters are

yelling “go away, go away.”

The Oakland police surrounded the commune at 3:15 this morning before clearing the riff-raff around 5:30 AM.


Zombie has more video.

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