Obama Must Be So Proud… Far Left Goons Dump Garbage In Chicago Bank Lobby

Back in his early years in Chicago Barack Obama worked along side ACORN before he was elected. Obama also led protests against lenders.
So, he must have been very proud when he read about this.

Outside of the Bank of America at Adams and Lasalle: Some of the trash and a couch from B of A’s vacant building at 3328 W. Monroe (Action Now)

5 far left activists were arrested for dumping trash in a bank in Chicago.
Reuters reported:

Five women aged 55 to 80 from the Action Now group were also arrested after they took garbage from a foreclosed home owned by Bank of America Corp and dumped it in one of the bank’s branches, the group’s website said.

Action Now, which calls itself an organization of working families fighting for change, said Bank of America had not properly shuttered the foreclosed home from which the group took the furniture and garbage.

“Since Bank of America will not go to our neighborhoods and clean up their vacant properties, Action Now members brought the neighborhood to them,” the group said on its website.

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