Neal Boortz: “Obama Is a Bigger Disaster to This Country Than 9-11” (Video)

Radio talk show host Neal Boortz told Sean Hannity tonight,
“Barack Obama is a bigger disaster to this country than 9-11.”

Neal Boortz:

“9-11 changed me somewhat… Barack Obama is a bigger disaster to this country than 9-11. If you took the phrase ‘fair share’ ‘millionaires and billionaires’ and ‘pass this bill’ out of his vocabulary he would be unable to deliver a speech… The American people developed a fighting spirit after 9-11 and we responded back after them. And if allowed to defeat would be total. But, Barack Obama, what he has done to our economy, what he has done to the American spirit of individual responsibility and self-reliance… Killing three thousand people is a tragedy, Sean. It is a real tragedy. But, killing the individualism, the self-reliance, and the self respect of the American people like Barack Obama has done is much more of a tragedy.”

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