Millionaire Rapping Idiot Kanye West Shows His Support for White Hippies at Occupy Wall Street (Video)

Idiot rapper Kanye West made an appearance with music mogul Russell Simmons yesterday at Camp Poopstock.

West, who made his millions in the corporate-run music world, was there to show his support for the white anti-capitalist hippie movement.

His handlers were smart enough to convince Kanye to keep his mouth shut during the appearance.


Reuters celebrated Kanye’s visit.

Ladies and gentleman, Kanye West is in the building. Or in this case, outside of it.

The outspoken rapper paid a visit to the Occupy Wall Street protests Monday afternoon, led by rap mogul Russell Simmons. Simmons was there to appear on Reverend Al Sharpton’s radio show, which the MSNBC primetime host was broadcasting live from the park.

The media spotlight on the movement has not faded and celebrity interest hasn’t abated. Organization, however, is still lacking and political goals still need unpacking.

As the protests enter their fourth week, and copycat demonstrations proliferate as far as Fort Myers, Fla. — population 48,000 and change — media attention continues to grow. But that attention is often uncontrolled as the organization continues to find its footing.

“We are supposed to talk a lot more than we do,” one organizer told TheWrap, speaking about the relationship between the movement’s different bodies. “We’re still organizing so much.”

As one stands at the various stations of the movement’s epicenter, there is a constant sense of organized chaos.

The media spotlight has been unrelenting.

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