Michelle Obama’s Book: ‘American Groan Grown’

Michelle has a new book on gardening.

(Politica Moda)

Michelle Obama titled her upcoming book “American Groan Grown” to promote vegetable gardening during a down economy.
…For those who can no longer afford fresh produce at the grocery store.
The AP reported:

The publisher of a book Michelle Obama is writing about her White House produce garden says it will be called “American Grown.”

Crown Publishers announced Monday that the complete title of the first lady’s first book is “American Grown: How the White House Kitchen Garden Inspires Families, Schools and Communities.” It is scheduled to be published in April.

The book will explore how improving access to healthy, affordable food can influence eating habits for the better and improve public health. The first lady has become an advocate for healthier eating and exercise, and she is leading a nationwide campaign to reduce childhood obesity in the U.S.

You’ve gotta love it… This comes from the same White House that decided to punish farmers with a stream of oppressive regulations.

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