Mark Levin: Obama’s Appearance With New Black Panthers Destroys Media’s ‘Perry Rock’ Story (Video)

Yesterday Big Government released photos of Barack Obama marching with the New Black Panthers at a rally in 2007.
Shock Photos!
New Panther National Chief Malik Zulu Shabazz is seen speaking at the rally on the left. Then Obama speaks to the Selma crowd at the same rally.

Of course, the democratic-media complex completely ignored this story. They were too busy reporting on a racist rock that was spray-painted and then turned over at a camp where Rick Perry used to hunt with his father years ago.

Radio host Mark Levin told his audience yesterday that the Obama New Black Panther story completely destroys the ‘Perry Rock’ story.
He’s right.
Via Breitbart TV:


Stacy on the Right has more on the rock story.

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