Liz Cheney on Obama: “So Many Policies Aren’t Working… It Must Be Ideology, It Must Be That He Believes in Redistribution of the Wealth” (Video)

Liz Cheney told the FOX News Sunday Allstars today that it must be ideology and a belief in redistribution of the wealth that continues to drive Obama’s policies.

Liz Cheney:

“In terms of President Obama, what he’s doing politically he may think makes sense. I think it’s actually scarier than that, though. I think he really believes it. I think that he’s not put forward so many policies that aren’t working economically and that are not working for him politically that you’ve got to at some point it must be ideology. It must be that he really believes in redistribution of the wealth. He really believes in increasing capital gains tax even if it means lower revenues to the treasury. It’s something new that we’ve seen from a president in a long time and I think it’s very concerning.”

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