Democrat Lawmaker Proposes DIAPER Act – Will Force Government to Subsidize Diapers (Video)

Nanny State Gone Wild–
Connecticut lawmaker Rosa DeLauro is calling on Washington to subsidize diapers. She says her DIAPER Act would act like a stimulus to help the economy.
Cashing In panelists discussed the proposed program today:

Far left Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D.-Conn.) wants government to subsidize diapers.
Human Events reported:

An economic recovery bill authored by Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D.-Conn.) seeks to empower struggling families by directing the federal government to distribute free diapers through day care centers.

The Diaper Investment and Aid to Promote Economic Recovery Act (DIAPER Act) would “relieve some of the stress on families facing hardship in this economy” by providing this direct service, DeLauro said in a letter to congressional colleagues urging them to co-sponsor her bill.

Without diapers, children are not allowed to attend day care, said DeLauro, who described those in need as a “lost generation of Americans.”

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