Iranian Regime: Barack Obama Should Apologize to Tehran for Spreading Iranophobia

Iranian hardliners torch an effigy of Barack Obama at a rally in Tehran. (ISNA)

The Iranian regime condemmed Washington’s latest plots against Tehran and demanded that Obama apologize for spreading Iranophobia.
Iranian Fars News reported:

A senior member of the Iranian parliament condemned Washington’s plots and allegations against Tehran, and said US President Barack Obama should apologize for fabricating lies and accusations against the Iranian nation.

“Apologizing to the Iranian nation for fabricating the recent scenarios (against the country) is Obama’s duty and the US president should offer an official and formal apology,” member of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Seyed Ali Aqazadeh told FNA on Monday.

He said that the US allegations against Iran aimed to spread the atmosphere of Iranophobia over the world
and feed the Zionist-dominated media with new materials against Iran.

The legislator further warned that such anti-Iran moves and actions entail dire consequences for the White House.

Last night, NBC News quoted Iranian diplomatic sources as saying that Tehran has demanded Washington to offer a public apology and pay unspecified monetary damages for its recently declared baseless allegations against Iran.

An unnamed Iranian diplomat told NBC News that the demands were contained in a recent letter to the US. It called on the US to apologize publicly to both the Islamic republic and officials of the Al Quds Force for “material and moral damages” caused by “this baseless accusation,” which violated “international rules and regulations.”

The diplomatic source would not provide details on when the letter was sent out, to whom it was addressed or who in the Iranian government wrote it.

A US State Department representative acknowledged Sunday that the letter had been received, but declined to discuss its contents.

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