Herman Cain Was Kidding About the Electric Border Fence… Except That He Wasn’t

I’m with Ace and Allahpundit on this.
Herman Cain says he was just joking about the electric border fence… Except that he wasn’t kidding.

The Phoenix New Times reported:

Presidential candidate Herman Cain met with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio this afternoon, but he was late to the meeting because of an unknown security threat.

“We received some information that caused us to improve our security on the way over here, and I would like to leave it at that,” Cain told reporters when he arrived at Arpaio’s downtown Phoenix office…40 minutes late. “When you become a top-tier candidate, a lot of nuts come out of the closet.”

Once Cain arrived, however, it didn’t take long before he was asked about a controversial “joke” he recently made about installing a 20-foot-tall electrified fence along the U.S./Mexico border to keep immigrants from entering the country illegally.

Halfway through the question about the electric fence, Cain butted in with “it was a joke!”

“Let me first say it was a joke, and some people don’t think that it was a good joke, and it’s probably not a joke that you’re supposed to make if you’re a presidential candidate,” Cain continued. “I apologize if it offended anyone. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa.”

Only, it might not be a joke, he later said, before finally saying he just doesn’t want to offend anyone.

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