Herman Cain Shoots His Mouth Off Again — Lashes Out at Obama’s Policies with “So-Called Palestinians”

(Washington Post)

Another Unforced Error By Herman Cain–
As unpopular as it is to point this out, GOP front-runner Herman Cain once again shot his mouth off without thinking. This time it was during his interview with Israel’s Hayom newspaper. Cain lashed out at Obama’s policies with Israel and “the so-called” Palestinians.

Now, as much as I may agree with Cain on his main points, it will be difficult for Herman to win a general election while consistently making such unforced errors like calling out the “so-called Palestinians.” Herman Cain needs to think before he shoots off his mouth. If not, the liberal media will eat him alive.
The Hill reported:


Herman Cain in an interview with an Israeli newspaper said pushes by the “so-called Palestinian people” for statehood and an Iranian assassination plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to the United States are evidence that President Obama is perceived as weak in the Middle East.

“I think that the so-called Palestinian people have this urge for unilateral recognition because they see this president as weak,” Cain said during an interview with Israel Hayom. “I haven’t seen all the facts but I think this whole assassination attempt was another example of seeing this president as weak, in that regard. So, weakness invites attack and I think that he has projected a sense of weakness.”

The Republican front-runner also said that the president “threw Israel under the bus” when stating support for a peace process brokered around the framework of the 1967 borders.

“I believe that his lack of a firm stand regarding Israel has emboldened Israel’s enemies, and America’s enemies,” Cain said. “He threw Israel under the bus with the statement about the 1967 borders. He just threw them under the bus. He threw Prime Minister Netanyahu under the bus prior to his visit to America. In a Cain administration there would be no question in the minds of the world and the American people that we would stand with Israel.”

I am thinking several of you may disagree with this assessment. As always, the comments section is open for feedback.

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