Herman Cain: Barack Obama Insulted Blacks at the CBC Dinner (Video)

Herman Cain doubles down – Says black Americans are brainwashed.
Cain also said Obama is more insulding when he scolds blacks at the Congressional Black Caucus Dinner when his policies have failed them.

Chris Wallace: You said the other day that if you run against Barack Obama you could get one-third of the African-American vote but that the other two-thirds is in your words “brain-washed.” Everyone from Jesse Jackson Jr. on the left to Michael Steele says that is insulting and demeaning to African-Americans.

Herman Cain: I believe that I’m gonna get a third. Because a third of the black people in this country, at least, are thinking for themselves. Now the fact that they say that word is insensitive. That’s not as insensitive as the President of the United States standing in front of a major black audience, the Congressional Black Caucus, and scolding them because his policies have failed the country, his policies have failed black people. That’s more insensitive, that’s more insulting to me, rather than me using the term “brain-washed.”

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