Herman Cain Flubs Foreign Policy 101 (Again) on Meet the Press

It’s not the first time.
Popular conservative Herman Cain flubbed his foreign policy questions again today on the Sunday Talk Shows.
Here’s the video:

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He really needs to hire an adviser to give him some general knowledge on these issues.
Jonathan Tobin at Commentary reported:


When pressed for answers today on Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq, the best Cain could do was to repeat his mantra that he would consult experts and then figure it out. Which is to say, he knows he hasn’t a clue but hopes no one will care. Durng the program, Cain admitted he had no familiarity with the neoconservative movement. While being a subscriber to COMMENTARY isn’t a requirement for the presidency, that someone running for that office has not even heard the term suggests Cain is not only bereft of foreign policy experience, he apparently has never even read much about it.

As COMMENTARY readers know, neoconservatism has a long and honorable history as the movement that helped mobilize the country to oppose détente and the Soviet Union as well as having played a key role in critiquing the failures of the welfare state. During the Bush administration, leftists used the word as an epithet seeking to demonize those who believed not only in the need to fight the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but also in the whole idea of promoting democracy abroad. After all that, it truly says something about a public figure who would admit to never having heard the word or knowing what it means.

Of course, neoconservatism isn’t the only term Cain hasn’t heard of. He was similarly stumped when asked about the Palestinian right of return. He also has said Iran’s imminent drive for nuclear weapons could be stopped by American energy independence that could take decades to achieve.

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