Good Grief… Occupy Wall Street Protester Fakes Being Run Over By Cop For Media Sympathy (Video) …Update: He’s A National Lawyers Guild Observer

Oh, Good Grief!
Performance Art on Display at Occupy Wall Street–

Earlier today a photo was released of a poor peaceful Occupy Wall Street protester being run over by a “brutal” New York cop on a motorcycle.

“One man lost his balance and was run over by a police motorcycle” no mention about the half dozen photographers standing in a semicircle around him snapping shots as he delivered his perfoprmance. (CBS Local)

Don’t get too upset.
The whole incident was totally staged. The protester wasn’t even in front of the police officer. He just laid down and started writhing in pain like he had been hit.
Here’s the video:


UPDATE: The fraud is a commie National Lawyers Guild observer.

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