Figures. First Eco-Friendly Festival Goes Bust in California – Can’t Sustain Itself

We’re starting to see a pattern here.

The first eco-friendly rally goes bust in California.
It was not self-sustaining.

An eco-friendly festival in California was forced to shut down this weekend due to lack of interest.
The LA Times reported:


It was the first New World Festival of Eco-Friendly Science and Technology and quite possibly the last.

The event near the beach in Santa Monica, which had been scheduled to run through Sunday, was shut down abruptly Saturday afternoon.

Its website had promised robots, a petting zoo, six stages of live music and more than 150 exhibits. But the gathering on Saturday looked more like a medium-sized, eco-friendly farmers market.

Howard Mauskopf, the festival’s organizer, said he needed to shut down because so few people had shown up. “We’re in a position where we don’t have the financial ability to continue,” he said, adding that he would have needed eight to 10 times the crowd that was present to make ends meet. He said he is going to try to reimburse food vendors next week.

“I don’t know why people didn’t come,” he said.

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