Figures… Democrat Congressman Joins Occupy Denver Protesters During Riots With Police

Rep. Perlmutter went out to join the protesters – Right before they battled police…

The People’s Press Collective reported today that Democrat Congressman Ed Perlmutter joined the Occupy Denver protesters yesterday right before the rioting started against the police. Rep. Perlmutter said he “put career on line” by attending the protest.

Grounded: A man is arrested after clashing with police during the Occupy Denver protest after a march through the downtown district. (Daily Mail)


Perlmutter was walking around the protest grounds with a bullhorn.
The Post reported:

During the mid-afternoon stalemate, U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter waded into the crowd alone but for a bullhorn, urging protesters to remain as peaceful as they had been during his previous visit. A few in the crowd drowned his words, shouting that it was the cops in assault gear who needed to tone it down, not them.

“Obviously you’re making an impression,” said Perlmutter, the Seventh District Democrat. “You’ve got to de-escalate this thing.”

“We want jobs!” a man shouted back. “Democrats won’t get elected anymore!”

Others standing near Perlmutter defended him to the crowd. “He’s the only elected official who bothered to come down here today,” one said.

Denver police said the Occupy protesters attacked them during the melee yesterday.

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