FELON WITH RIFLE & AMMO Arrested at Obama-Endorsed Occupy Seattle… Oh, and a Serial Exposer Was Arrested, Too

A felon carrying a rifle and ammo was arrested by police at the Obama-endorsed Occupy Seattle rally today.
KIRO reported, via Orbusmax:

Seattle police arrested a convicted felon who was carrying a rifle in Westlake Park on Monday night, the Seattle Police Department said.

Bicycle patrol officers who were assigned to the Occupy Seattle protest overheard the man who was carrying a rifle case over his shoulder tell someone he was carrying a Ruger, in reference to the gun manufacturer, police said. The officers stopped the man, looked in the case and found a short-barreled rifle with a pistol grip. When they asked the man if he had any ammunition, he showed them an ammunition box that contained about 16 rounds.

A computer check revealed that the man was a convicted felon and police arrested him on a felony weapons violation, police said.

A serial exposer was also arrested at the rally on Monday.

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