Far Left Occupy Seattle Loons Protest Mitt Romney Fundraiser (Video)

Far left Occupy Seattle idiots protested Mitt Romney at a fundraiser Thursday Morning.

Someone forgot to tell these loons that Obama has received more donations from Wall Street than any other presidential candidate in history in 2008.

King5 reported, via OrbusMax:

Dozens of people from the Occupy Seattle protest and from a labor protest demonstrated outside an appearance by Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney Thursday morning.

Escorted by police, about 50 protesters made the walk of a few blocks from Westlake Park to the Grand Hyatt Hotel where the former Massachusetts governor was holding a private fundraiser. Some people passing by teased the protesters while others voiced support.

They carried signs that said, “This is class warfare,” “Make Wall Street pay,” and “Romney is the 1 percent” — a reference to what the demonstrators describe as the concentration of wealth among a small slice of the population.

They also chanted “Corporations are not people,” disputing a statement Romney made at the Iowa State Fair.

After the fundraiser, Romney was scheduled to discuss trade policy at Microsoft before heading to Portland, Ore., for an appearance Friday.

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