Cops Mop Up Commie Squatters at Occupy St. Louis Protest

This is what democracy looks like.


Cops issued curfew violation citations to the commie riff-raff camped out at Kiener Plaza yesterday. Most of the young degenerates went home after the cops warned them about their illegal squatting
KSDK reported:

St. Louis Police Officers issued an undisclosed number of curfew violation summons overnight after participants of a protest at Kiener Plaza would not leave.

Several dozen protesters took part in the Occupy St. Louis protest late Tuesday into Wednesday morning in an effort to express their displeasure over a variety of issues including the wilting economy and corporate greed.

No official arrests were reported by police, and the summons issued for the curfew violations are similar to getting a parking ticket and other relatively minor citation.

Bummer. We’re going to miss the insane videos.

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