CNN Western Republican Presidential Debate – Live Thread

The CNN Western Republican Presidential Debate is on tonight at 8 PM EST.

The debate in Las Vegas is the fifth showdown since Labor Day, and the eighth overall this cycle.

It’s on. Seven candidates are participating in the debate tonight. After 8 minutes so far no CNN bias. A record?

Best introduction – Newt Gingrich: “Unlike President Obama I am glad to be in Las Vegas.”

Michele Bachmann
on Cain’s 9-9-9 plan: Whenever we give Congress a new tax it never goes away.


Newt: None of us should rush in judgement of perception of God.

Candidates just discussed border security and illegal immigration.

Rick Santorum goes all Honey Badger on Mitt Romney (John Hawkins)

Mitt: We got the idea of the individual mandate from you.
Newt: Not true.

Sad. It looks like the GOP candidates just let “global warming” Mitt get away with talking about energy independence.

Newt Gingrich is just great. He just slammed Cain Then turned around and gave him a kiss.

Mitt Romney just clobbered Herman Cain. I got a whole basket of apples and oranges because that’s what you’ll need.
Mitt gave a powerful answer.

Rick Perry to Herman Cain: I’ll bump plans with you brother… I don’t think so Herman. It’s not going to fly.

Illegal immigration and border security discussed.

Santorum brings back debate conversation to family, playing for Latino vote.

Audience question on Yucca Mountain nuke storage facility. Paul/Romney against.

Herman Cain– I still stand by my statements on #OWS. Audience cheers!

Rick Perry: “Americans have lost faith in the current resident of the White House”

Ron Paul: “This debt bubble is the thing we have to worry about right now.” – Agreed.
Then he goes and calls the US an empire. – Booh.

Rick Perry: We should have a very serious discussion about defunding the UN.

Michele Bachmann: No we should not cut aid to Israel. Then blasts Cain for releasing Gitmo killers for captured US soldier.

Rick Santorum: No one on this stage has won a swing state except me. (Then he got whooped by around 20 points)

The lively debate wraps up.

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