Ahmadinejad: America Is Hated Around the World Because of Obama’s Foreign Policy (Video)

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke with Fareed Zararia on CNN this morning. Mahmoud explained that America was hated around the world because of its foreign policy and should re-examine their policies.

“The United States has become weaker and weaker. And now, they are hated in the region. They are hated in the whole world. Anywhere in the world, if you go, you see that the U.S. government is hated.”

“They should review their policies. They should stop accusing other countries. They should see where the problem is. Maybe the problem is really in the United States itself. This is a friendly recommendation.”

“Otherwise, we must be very much happy if their policies fail everywhere in the world. And we should encourage them, ‘OK, go on, go on.’ And if we were not since, we should encourage the United States to remain in Iraq and in Afghanistan because they have already been mired in those two countries.”

Mediaite has video:

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